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we say it would be alright

we say it would be alright

By sweetmoon

A young beautiful girl brought down from heaven. Her name was vanessa. The day i met her she was standing infront of the chinese store. I looked straight at her beautiful face when i came to realize she was blind. Her eyes deep close with a stike holding on to her, she did not move. I walk over to her to ask her what was wrong, there is when i first saw her smile.

Ever since that day,i kept meeting her in that same chinese store. As time pass we became good friends. One day i dare to ask her how was that she had become blind, then she told me a story about how she got into a car accident. The gas from her car had touch her eyes, making her unable to look againg. Hearing that i cry then i thought"poor vanessa".. Later on vanessa told me about how she wanted to see againg the light of the sun. Those words touch my heart, while breaking it at the same time.

Few days later, we stood at a hospital. Vanessa ask me why we had been there. "we are getting your eyes back" i said to her with a smile that cross my face. Her heart beated hard knowing that she would see once againg. Later, she lay down in a bed while the doctors had put me in another bed. Vanessa kept on asking who would be the one to give their eyes to her. No answer was giving to her.

Now i have not seen her in years, thou i wanted to marry her. Yet I knew she would never be happy with a blind man.

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9 Nov, 2010
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1 min
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