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We Used To Be So Close

We Used To Be So Close

By polarpurple

I will be using fake names.

My name is Tabitha, and this is my story. It's up to you if you wanna cry, really, i don't care.

So in 7th grade, there was this new kid named Victor. He was a bit chubby and fat, but that made him cute. He was the first new kid I met, so I led him to the Gym, and he was really quiet. Soon after a week, he was pretty much the loudest kid ever.

He was also smart. He was a year younger than me, a reason why I liked to tease him.

In the first semester, I'd punch, kick, tease him and hurt him so that he could go away. I hated him. I hated his guts.

So then, in the second semester, drama started. I saw him as a carefree little bitch so I befriended him, and we soon became so close, as if we were dating. He was so over protective of me, and usually told me random facts about him.

Now, i don't know what happened, we now act as if we are never friends anymore. He talks to every other girl except me.

But the problem is, whenever I call other boys darling, honey, sweetie, he'd glare at me and ignore me... And stare. I'd say I love you to my two boy best friends, and he'd just look at me as if I was insane.

What does he want? I mean, he was the one who started the relationship to drift apart. And now he's staring at me as if I'm a FUCKIN ALIEN?! if he wants us to be friends again, NO. I used to be so MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! HE WAS MY FIRST LOVE! NOW HE THINKS I DON'T EXIST BUT STARES AT ME ALL THE TIME?! WHOSE FAULT IS THAT!

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26 May, 2011

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