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Wedding To Remember
Wedding To Remember

Wedding To Remember

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The music played lightly throughout the church, and I stood on the second floor facing the bride and groom.

I didn't think I would be here witnessing such a thing, but I watched very intently. I was very close friends with the bride. Her name was Veronica Smith. She was the sweetest and most loving woman I ever knew.

She was a business woman who worked for a toy company that spread joy and hope to all and recently named an executive of the company. Many of her family and friends were ecstatic for her accomplishment. I was not exaggerating that I was the proudest of her.

When she had free time, she would help out at the orphanage downtown to make the children smile and laugh. She was very compassionate to all, no matter if you were a complete asshole, she was nice.

I remembered the time I begged her to help me with a party I was doing for my sister and she gladly helped. She knew what was needed and what wasn't. In reality, she knew lots about my sister but it didn't stop there. She knew a lot about all her family and friends, which made everyone grateful for her.

I had to stop reminiscing about the past and focus on what was at hand. I started to realize the smell in the room slightly made me gag. It was strong, and I could hardly stand it, but I couldn't do anything about it. I had to deal with it for just a while longer until I got the call that they had arrived.

I watched as the groom caressed the bride's face lovingly right before grabbing her wrist and spinning her around carelessly. I started to get angry as I continued to watch, as he moved her around with no care in the world.

That was until my phone vibrated in my pocket that signaled me they had arrived.

I counted down from five just to hear the doors of the church burst open with cops and swat to arrest the man. I saw his wicked smile before he laughed evilly and let go of the bride letting her fall straight to the floor.

In a matter of minutes, he was outside with reporters and camera crews asking the man questions about why he did it.

Myself, I sat in the first pew looking down at my hands, when I felt my partner sit next to me.

He took a big drag on his cigarette before talking. "I am sorry about your fiancee, Mike. She was a beautiful and stunning woman. I just can't believe that the guy not only killed her but also stuffed her up like a doll while letting her body rot."

My eyes drifted to my fiancee as they put her into a body bag and back to my partner.

I just had one thing to say about all that happened. "This is a wedding I will always remember."

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31 Mar, 2016
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