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Wee are We
Wee are We

Wee are We

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

World of wonder

Makes one wonder

What wanders under

Sky and thunder?

Frog in log

Flea on dog.

Bug on Pug

Pug on rug.

Pets and pests

Pests on pets.

See flea leap?

Mite might bite.

Speck of dust

Fleck of crust.

What the heck?

So very much

Less than us.

Particles and corpuscles

Barnacles and mussels.

Tiny lives

Shiny lights

Beneath the sea

Out of sight.

Itty bitty cities

Many mini millions

Busy bitty buildings.

Infinite to infinitesimal

Imperceptible yet incredible

Teeny thingies


Fail to tell

Perceive to see.

Telescope to microscope

Astronomic to subatomic..

Point of view

Points you to

A poignant truth.

The Grand Delusion:

Grand is illusion.

Can you dig?

If you did

You would hit

Myth of BIG.

When taken with

The stars afar

All is small.

Isn't it?

The effective objective:

Correct the perspective.

He goes

She goes

We go --

Leggo the ego.

She and he

Me and thee

In actuality

The reality...

We are wee.

© Matt Decker


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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
8 Mar, 2020
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<1 min
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