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Weight of One's Choice

Weight of One's Choice

By notacheeseumbrella - 1 Review

Johnny sat on the bench at the park, thinking over everything that had just happened to him. Looking around, he saw everything that he had just lost.

Couples holding hands and laughing together, walking around and even sitting in the cool shade under the trees. Disappointed with what was in his past, he got up off the old wooden bench in the park and started walking, avoiding looking at everyone and anyone.

Dragging his heavy heart behind him, he walked through the gates and to his apartment. He couldn't bear to look at anyone as he walked through the streets.

His dark brown eyes looked through his tasseled hair as he turned a corner on the street, his apartment block in view as he trudged along the path.

He thought about how he was going to get through without her, the love of his life, or so her thought, was gone from his life. He knew he would have to get over this, he just didn't know how to do it, or how long it would take.

He knew that he wouldn't be able to survive without her. Waking up to home cooked meals, coming home from work and seeing her asleep on the couch, cuddling at night as they watched a movie together. He knew he was going to miss it, all of it.

Looking around as he walked through the door, he remembered all of the times that they were together. All the things they had done. All the places they had gone.

He couldn't bear it anymore. He had to escape the tragedy called his life, for good.

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19 Mar, 2017
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1 min
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