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Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful
Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful

Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful


Jessie woke up on the hard stone ground. " Where am I," she thought, "I went to sleep in my warm bed!" Jessie grumbled and opened her eyes, "What the!" She exclaimed, she saw a cotton candy cloud, a paper bird flying through the air, and she lay by a pond where the fish were made out of gold, while a river went up into the sky.
Jessie stood up, confused, and tired. "This isn't home; I don't even recognize this place!" She yelled, "Is anyone out there? Can someone help me get home?" She listened to the silence that followed. She sighed and slumped to the ground.
That's when she heard the pond move behind her. When she looked, the pond had started to move and shape itself. Until the lake had formed the shape of a woman that said, "Hello, little one." So that's when Jessie ran, and ran, and ran. She kept running and running until she was back at the lake.The water lady (as she called it) stared at her. "How!" Jessie screamed at her. "What do you want!"
Jessie started to walk backward when she fell, as in of a cliff, she fell. So like any sensible person, she screamed. Then she heard her name being called "Jessie! Jessie! JESSICA!" She heard then felt a sharp pain on her cheek as if she had been slapped. Then, she woke up. Her older sister, Alisson, stared at her.

"Finally, you're up," Alisson said, "I came to wake you up, and you were screaming. What's wrong?"
"Nothing, just a weird nightmare, Ali.
"Well, then you can tell me all about at breakfast, Jessie. Now come
on, I want to eat!"

Author Notes: I was thinking of what I should write and here is what it is.

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15 Oct, 2019
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1 min
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