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A Weird Way To Start Learning A New Language
A Weird Way To Start Learning A New Language

A Weird Way To Start Learning A New Language

papin49Roberto Perez
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A Weird Way To Start Learning A New Language

It all started out of the blue. One day, a friend of mine and I decided to go to hang out for mangoes around our neighborhood; we usually did that searching every time we got a chance from school.

We loved doing It because that way we started talking freely and we put into practice other activities which were not allowed for our parents because they considered It as risky. For example, go swimming to la paila, located in the chacuey river, which is a very deep pond where a couple of people were drowned. We loved doing that kind of mischievousness in our free time far away from our parents.

That day, we decided to stay close to my friend‘s house because It was too cloudy to go far from home. And more than that, It was a very rainy season, and there were o lot of ripe mangoes close to my friend’s house, and that mango tree was left unattended by their owner who had died a couple of months ago. So, It was not necessary to go far from home whatsoever.

Once we were full of eating mangoes, we decided to start searching for everything that the family leftover so they left all that stuff behind. During our search, we found a dirty piece of an old English book sunk under the old and abandoned kitchen’s roof. Neither I nor my friend ( R.Reyes) knew anything about English – So, we started checking the pages we could read – For me, It was looking pretty interesting. So, pretending to be polite with my friend, I asked him: what do you think about this messy book? he answered me: “for me, keep It or through It away. ” so, I considered It was too important to simply through that invaluable piece of information away, I said: I am going to keep it –Then he said '' That's up to you."

It was love at first sight for us – I concealed the piece of the old English book under my right armpit trying not to be conspicuous. I still remember that book’s name – It has Ingles Cortina on the top of every page – Since that moment, I love English forever. I am writing this story not because I am a master on it – but because I love it – I am very proud of this first start.

Because of my interest in that messy book, I called my B brothers' attention and they have been interested as well in following my step. To illustrate, Carmelo J. “one of the twins” came to this country to get a master's degree in English from a very prestigious university in Miami. He is working on education as an English teacher and he also works for different English teaching centers.

Carmelo I. The other, he is working on education as an English teacher. The living condition has changed a lot and he is studying in order to get his master's degree.

I am not writing to show you what they have but what they are. Throughout that finding, we are different. Our mind is only ready to learn about the English language which makes us not be with a lot of free time like to be involved in negative things.

I can say that I was empowered by the English language in order to help my younger B. And to save my life. God bless every person that spent their free time reading or writing about positive things that can help others to keep out of bad habits in this world.

Author Notes: All things work for good when you trust in God.

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Roberto Perez
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17 Feb, 2019
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3 mins
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