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Well Done Nikhil

Well Done Nikhil

By veevee

Well Done, Nikhil!
All of a sudden there was a tension at swimming pool. One of the swimmers Arun, who was eight year old and studying in third grade, dived from the top, could not come out even after five minutes. This was noticed by his classmate Nikhil, who was keenly watching the practice of swimming. He knew that his friend Arun was in trouble.
Nikhil observed he was drowning and unable to come up. He thought something unwanted situation might come. He was unable to understand why his parents did not accompany with him. Other students did not notice this happening. Nikhil, without making any second thought, jumped in the pool in search of Arun. Nikhil was in panicky to trace out Arun.
Nikhil did not stop his efforts and started intensive search. Finally, Arun was traced.
Nikhil brought him outside and requested elders to come for help. The teacher, who was entrusted with the job of supervising the students failed to notice. He praised Nikhil for his quick action. In case Nikhil also failed to notice, there was every possibility of serious situation. When the other students realized the danger, everybody came for the help. Arun was shivering due to fear of drowning. He was immediately sent to nearby hospital for treatment. The doctor examined Arun and said that he was alright, except his fear. The Doctor said the boy was out of danger and needed complete rest for a day.
All witnessed the scene at the swimming pool. It was informed to Arun’s dad, who was none other than the Principal of the school. He immediately rushed to swimming pool to see his son. Nikhil was in the dressing room for changing his dress. The Principal appreciated Nikhil for the exemplary act.
Nikhil was the only brilliant and adventurous son to his parents. It was but quite natural that he was brought up in a congenial atmosphere. All the loveable treatment was extended to him. He had some knowledge about swimming and not expert in the swim. He was most fond of swimming. He knew that swimming is a good exercise, all round fitness, boost strength, stamina uses all muscle groups. From the beginning, the parents had provided him an excellent training especially with regard to behavior with the family members, elders and friends. In addition to this, the school in which he was studying was one of the top most reputed schools in the country.
In the school, apart from the regular studies, there was a facility of providing quality training in the sports like cricket, hockey, shuttlecock and Table tennis. Swimming facility was also available. Nikhil was interested in cricket and swimming. Every year during the month of December, the school celebrates ‘Annual Day.’ Nikhil’s birthday also falls during this month.

As the Annual Day was two months ahead, on Sunday the students were advised to come to the swimming pool in the morning at 8 a.m. for practice. The students were in the age group of 8 to 12 years. During the practice, the parents were informed to accompany their children. If a student alone wished to have swimming practice, it was not allowed for safety purpose. But in the case of Arun, his dad being the Principal of the school had violated this rule. On this particular day there were 5 students along with their parents. Nikhil was also one among them. But he wanted to start after few minutes. Separate seating arrangement was made for the parents. The practice was in full swing, when this incident happened.

In a special function arranged at school, ‘Bravery Award’ was given to Nikhil by the school management, considering his adventurous act to save the life of a student.

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14 Dec, 2012
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3 mins
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