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Wen I Knew I died

Wen I Knew I died

By Suicide-poison

If I could make the choice, I would chose to be far away from him, I would chose that me and my family to have their own place, our place, our home.But sadly my parents chose to take care of grandmother, in her house.My uncle comes sometimes here , hes a monster, I hate him, I was never a child because of him.Today was just another day wen he is drunk, he starts to screams and yell at everyone without a reason, he feels so important and powerful . I'm scared , my knees are shaking and my tears start to fall down my cheeks, but i have to protect my family, i have to, dad is not here to protect us, he works so far away, is only me , my sister , and my grandmother home, God how could you live us , hes like crazy , grabbing my grandmother hand and starts screaming at her.
I'm scared , I'm scared , but i have to save her, so I push him away, away from her, shes old and she is very ill , i had to save her, but the next thing i know is a hand grabbed my neck and it starts to hurt...
God what have I done to deserve this? But my sister and my grandmother stops him, and i fall to the ground . I feel week and I start to cry harder. He screams and start's swearing me.
I wanna go away, i really need to go away, God please teke ma away..I had enough.

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23 Aug, 2011
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