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We're All Addicts in Some Way
We're All Addicts in Some Way

We're All Addicts in Some Way


It's as though we can never get enough,

We're all an addict with our own kind of buzz,

Some of us feed others lies until we feel tough,

Some of us love people we shouldn't,

Some of us down drinks and drugs,

And we all wished we could change it but we couldn't,

There is no escaping the high,

We're all ducklings jumping out a tree

Flapping our wings hard and trying to fly,

With or without it we'll die,

Why not make it a longer ride?

I've watched it take my family away,

Watched them wither from the inside as they died,

They still walk around speaking as though they are there,

I find myself looking at the living corpse of a loved one

Trying with all my might to not stare,

It's hard to move on when you can see them standing before you,

And no matter how badly I want to reach out and help them,

I know I cannot because there's nothing more I can do,

They made their choice,

And I watched it tear them apart,

Heard the hurt in their soul through their cracked voice,

There's an epidemic of people who are addicted,

For which hating themselves is what they are afflicted,

It doesn't matter what your drug of choice is,

We're all addicts in some way,

And we live on highs day by day,

Watching our loved ones wither away

And somehow hoping we're not next

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18 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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