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We're Going To Make It Part 1

We're Going To Make It Part 1

By FreeWrite

"We're going to make it I promise. You were worried that we miss the party. Told you not to worry." Randy says while looking at me.
"I wish that you would keep your eyes on the road and not on me." I nudge his face forward.
"I can't you look so pretty. Maybe we should just ditch the party and go have a nice dinner and then maybe some dessert?" He asked hopefully.
"Maybe after we have been to the party. I wish that you would slow down, you scare me when you drive so fast." I peered out the window thinking to when I first met Randy. We were both giving blood and they separated the blood donors into types. Well guess what, we were the same type. He called it fate I called it happenstance. AB negative, only .7% of people have it and two of those people happen to be giving blood at the same time. Fate, if you believe Randy, then led us on a whirlwind courtship. I fell hard for him, he was sweet, smart, caring, and hot. I glanced at him once more before looking at the sky. The stars were like lights that some to lull me to sleep. The black with pin points turned into all black.
I wish now that I could go back. What would I do though? Maybe kiss Randy once more or tell him to slow down for real. Maybe pray to God. Maybe I will never know.
I wake up to screaming metal and Randy yelling "Hold on!" It happen so fast. We were on the road and then as soon as my eyes closed we were off the road. I could feel the road change from smooth to rough. We were spinning in circles and the world just seemed like a huge blur outside of the car. The inside was the same as it had been. My empty coke can in the floor board, the radio still playing love songs, Randy still behind the wheel. This and more passed before my eyes. The blues, grays, and blacks seemed to edge on the scream in my throat. When I let it out it seemed to hang in the air. That is when Randy looked at me and I had to blink tears away as he squeezed my hand. His smile is the last thing that I remember. Well besides the cold blackness.
They told me that the crash only took a few seconds but it seemed like hours. Hours of memories that flashed before my eyes, hours of possibilities, hours of life that hadn't been lived.
"We're going to make it. Step on it Roger, we are losing them fast." I lift my head. Try to is more like it. I see bright lights and I have to shut my eyes. The pain from it is unbearable. "If this is the way to heaven then I don't know if I can make it." I heard sounds or people talking. At first I could make out what they are saying but then it fades into sound. I can tell that I am in a car and seem to be moving fast. I try to go through a checklist of my body. I can't feel my left leg or my right arm. Other then that I think that I'm fine. The next thought in to my head is Randy.
"Where's Randy?" I croak out. My voice seemed so sad like that of a little girl.
"We have Jane Doe responding. Checking for concussions." Jane Doe, concussions? Before I have a second to even grasp the words fingers pull open my eye and a concentrated beam of light shines in them.
I screamed. I couldn't help it, the light seemed to push me only into the arms of darkness. Shamefully I passed out again.

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About The Author
About This Story
16 Feb, 2011
Read Time
3 mins
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