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We're Never That Far Apart
We're Never That Far Apart

We're Never That Far Apart

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I still remember the day when God called out for you

It never occurred to me that you’d be the one I’d lose

I know that you are safe now And one day he’ll call for me too

But I didn’t want you to see the angels in the room

I will love you forever despite all of the pain

Nothing in the world could ever break that chain

And I know that death is the door that leads to something much more

Words can’t describe how far my heart tore

And while nothing could fill the hole in my heart

I know that you and I are never that far apart

I still hear your voice, I can still see your smile

And then a memory comes and your here for a while

I know it’s selfish to want you back home

Because you're in a better place now where your free to roam

But I still long for all of the years

When everything in life was crystal clear

Yet God still called your soul to fly before I got to say goodbye

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2 Apr, 2020
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<1 min

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