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What About Now
What About Now

What About Now

Sepperince19Sepperince J.

Years have past

What will you think of me now

What will I think of you

The fear envelops me

What will we think now

Will you still care for me

Like you once did

You brought out the best

And the worst in me

But we were naive

So what about now

For years I've been waiting

Sometimes patiently sometimes not

Counting the months

The years till I see you

Still what about now

Will it be the same

Do we still know each other

Will we still finishing each others sentences

What about now

Those were the days

I remember them well

I can recount every detail

Because that's all I had of you

We still talk

But it's not the same

So what about now

It seems as though

You went to the moon and back

Do you remember the days

But is that all you'll be

A good memory

Yet though so many years have past

I know I would still do anything for you

And everything with you

And what about now

Do you agree

I hope you do

Author Notes: About someone who I haven't seen in years but might get to see soon.

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About The Author
Sepperince J.
About This Story
26 May, 2021
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<1 min
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