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What Darkness Hides Behind Close Doors
What Darkness Hides Behind Close Doors

What Darkness Hides Behind Close Doors

SnowFiona Snow
1 Review

Did you know that I knew?

Born out of curiosity.

You have so many secrecy.

You thought you’d never get caught.

But little did you know, I knew what you bought.

How long has it been.

Since you’ve been hiding your sin?

The app that you use, called grindr.

When she finds out, will only disappoint her.

You use to joke that you never liked a bloke.

But when I saw you send your nude pic, I choked.

You even joked you’re not a fan of black.

But then I saw you send him a picture of your bottom crack.

Why must you lie.

Just to live a life like a spy.

Are you not tired of not being able to be you?

Is it because you think it’s taboo?

You once told me it was a friend.

Only to find out, it was you in the end.

I hope you can be honest in the future.

So that she won’t feel used like a looser.

I pray she doesn’t get caught up in your web of lies.

Making her a wife in your deceiving eyes.

I know you’re not all to blame.

For the things you’ve experienced in pain.

Wouldn’t it be much better.

If you live your life without her?

Everyone deserves to be happy.

And not to live a life that is crappy.

I now must leave you with this note.

With my pure sincerity I wrote.

Author Notes: Bato bato sa langit, ang tamaan wag magalit..

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About The Author
Fiona Snow
About This Story
31 Jul, 2021
Read Time
1 min
4.0 (1 review)

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