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What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong?

By TDHLbaby2

My cousin Tina and her husband John have always pushed me back behind everyone else. i understood when it came to her sister being 1st then me 2nd. well freshmen year i met my best friend, Ann, that has become like a sister to me. i introduced them. now last year i didn't do anything for my birthday since we had a snow storm but when my cousin Ana was having a dinner with her family i asked Tina if i could come and she told no because it was only close family which really hurt because i grew up with them so Tina and Ana were like sisters to me. well this year we have done nothing for my birthday and Tina has planned a party for Ana,me and Ann in april. but i found out that Tina and John took Ann out for a birthday dinner. they did nothing for me. Ann is alreadyhad her own party. me and Ana are used to sharing our parties now but we have to add Ann. next Tina is doing the cakes for it but me and Ana have to share a cake while Ann gets her own. i hate feeling like i have done something wrong since this pain has been happening for 8 years and i have talked to Tina but she denies everything. i don't want to loose Ann over any of this but i feel like my own cousin is choosing my friend over me...i feel like i am no longer important...what did i do wrong to make them do this to me?

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17 Mar, 2012
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1 min
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