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What Do You Want to Do?
What Do You Want to Do?

What Do You Want to Do?


Most of us are so fortunate to have come from a place of security in more ways than we can count. But that’s not the case with everyone around us. Take a look. Turn your head around every once in a while. The feeling of being blessed will rush into you. So why not take this blessing, however small or big that is, and share with others.

I am asked about what I want to do? If you are in med school, perhaps you will find that question meaningless because obviously you are studying to be a physician, so in all probability you will treat people of their ailments. And to be asked such a question seems not of much worth.

But to me, it holds so much importance. I like being asked what I want to do? It keeps me close with my bigger picture, the picture which I keep painting and re painting. That one simple question stirs me up from within. It keeps me thinking.

As I sit here on my bed surrounded by familiarity, my head is filled up with so much thoughts. Few make no sense, few drops me in a pit of vulnerability and few makes me ascend, ascend above everything which feels impossible. It is rightly said that power of thought is unbelievably wonderful. It can either break you or make you.

It’s another sleepless night for me. Although my head is pounding and I’m trying my best to refrain from taking sleeping pill and it’s so hard to control that impulse. And admits all of this, I can’t help but go venturing into my lane of thoughts. I give in like a helpless magnet in the vicinity of a potent magnetic force. I’m half torn between crying or hold it inside. So I decide to do neither.

Instead I draw a sheet and start answering my favourite question - What do you want to do? Of course, I want to be working as a physician like my other counterparts. But what I do want to do is take every resource of health care and reach it out to the less fortunate. My nation does have some high quality health programs IN THEORY and lot many STRATEGIES but the place where we fail is IT’s IMPLEMENTATION.

The stress is more on the caregiver than on providing tools to bring the needed change. The top level chef will fail at the hands of absence of ingredients as planned. And the same applies to medical professionals.

Having seen death from way up near, I don’t plan big. At the moment the only thing I’m looking forward is to graduate and take my ride as it shows up. But through it all, the only thing I want to take along on that ride with me is that answer - I want to be that change and touch the ones who are not as fortunate as me or you to have come from place of security.

We all must be that change for tomorrow. Share your blessings.

Author Notes: What inspired me to write this is one sentence from my textbook of Pediatrics -
‘Children under the age of 15 comprises 30% of India’s population’
And the deaths which occurs in the first 28days of birth rounds to 60%. And the medical causes related to it falls on reasons of social and economic gulf.
I don’t aspire to be a Wonder Woman but my answer to people’s Q of what i want to do is - to reach out to the other half of us within our country.

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2 Sep, 2019
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2 mins
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