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What Drives Me

What Drives Me

By JustNicoleValiukas

The memories are murderous

They've slowly killed me

Forgetting is almost worse

It shaped the demons you see

It never happened, isn't true

You are going insane

That's what they tell you

Trying to get in your brain

You drove me to this

You couldn't save me

This cold blade's kiss

Perfect as any you gave me

The blood, elixir, deadly potion

It could quench my thirst

For never showing emotion

But I'll wash it away first

I'm done with your games

You play them so well

I will bathe in the flames

I'll meet you down in Hell

How exactly will I do it?

There's so many choices

There's really nothing to it

I'm going to stop those voices

Poison, rope, bullet, knife

Most anything will do the trick

Nothing's easier than taking a life

Nothing's harder than living with it

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About This Story
2 Jul, 2014
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<1 min
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