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What I Saw in You
What I Saw in You

What I Saw in You

2 Reviews

My love

The taste of your lips reminded me of what we ate that night,

the way you laughed lingered in my ear.

I don't understand why,

why I feel this connection with you.

The intenseness of your facial features caught me off guard,

but not only did your masculine demeanor intrigued me.

The way you smiled reminded me of someone who forced it.

I couldn't stop staring and I caught myself noticing little things.

The way you act playful when people are around but once they are not looking,

well all I can say is that. I saw the pain.

The pain that didn't know how to leave.

Your pain lingered, endless nights, and a regulated routine

of drug and alcohol use. No, I didn't think it was weird.

I understood your pain and demons that kept chasing you.

Now I want to help you, help you build a new love,

help you find your peace. I want to be the light you can come to find

when there is no one there for you.

Author Notes: This is my first one I hoped you guys somewhat understood where I was going with this but yeah. This is what I noticed about someone I started to like.

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5 Aug, 2020
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