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What I Want
What I Want

What I Want

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We never get a say so in what we want for ourselves. I hate that. This is my body. Let me do my own thing.

Go do your make up so you will look like a girl. I dont want to do my makeup. If people judge me for what I look like that's their problem.

Go fix your hair, its too frizzy. Maybe I like my hair like that. Don't change me because that's what you want.

Take this medicine so you will be feeling better. I will take the medicine if I want. Don't shove it down my throat. Maybe I enjoy my ulcer because I know it will never leave, like most people.

Eat more so that people don't think I am starving you. If I say I am not hungry then I'm not. Don't force me to eat when I don't want to.

Stop wearing your hoodie so much people are going to think you are suicidal. Maybe I wear my hoodie so that I have a place to hide.

Stop telling me That I will never achieve enough to do something. You don't know me. You only know 1% of me. You don't understand me. You don't know the things that happen behind your back. Let me be myself. Maybe I keep certain things from you because you will never approve. I feel like I NEVER impress you. I am not a princess. I am not perfect, so stop acting like it.

Let me be myself please...!

Author Notes: I hate when people tell me to do certain things to fit in. Maybe I didn't want to fit in in the first place.

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19 Jan, 2021
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