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what i want and dont have

what i want and dont have

By 821077121230

today my mom told me that she didnt want me anymore and she called me a B**** what kind of mo, does that i thought a mom was caring and loveing. My mom even said that she doesnt even have to love me. i hate my life people who say that they hate thier life just because they have a bro or a sis or maybe even both are wrong being an only child is not easy AT ALL!! My mom said that she wouldnt even care if she through me out on the streets and she wouldnt claim me hers its just not right. So after my mom gave me a very sad lecture, my dad came home he said nothing. When my dad was talking was talking to mom, my mom said that everything she said was true i cried i felt like i was a homeless person that was invited to a nice house then imedently kicked out and being told i was an ugly faggot. My heart feels unwanted, unloved, uncared for. I feel alone and hated. I wish i was dead why cant somebody just stab my in the heart then i wouldnt be able to feel a thing and my parents would probebly live happily ever after and forget about me and might adopt a kid and name her isabella a name ive always wanted but will never have. My friends will either help me or be against me, but im pretty sure they'll help me and be against my mom and dad. I just want my life to get better because just by looking at my life from now its been pretty horbile i want it to be better, but i also think nobody can help me at the time cause im like a little girl in a box with nothing in it, on it, or around it, no holes so i can breath, no toys, no nothing. Im just sufficating. All i want is a loveing family, caring family, and a supporting family. Thats all i want. I often wounder if i was a mistake, a screw up maybe i was never suppost to be born?!

Based on a true life...

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8 Dec, 2011
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