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What If...?
What If...?

What If...?

Legolas_GreenleafπŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“
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What if I'm normal and you all are weird people calling me weird because I'm normal and therefore not like you, so I must be weird. What if I am weird and as you say you all are normal!? What if I'm just a fragment of your imagination, what if the world is just a fragment of your imagination and you're really just a floating mass in the space-time continuum? If so, then it's not me who's weird it's you, after all, I am you. What if you're part of my imagination you just think you are real. What is real? Is it the state of being? Is it the ability to think and act for yourself? Is it the fear of death. What if reality is just a lie our minds tell us to make us stop questioning so that it will stop lying. What if our brain is just a mass that chooses to take the form of us? If so can it choose any form? What if we are all robots being controlled by aliens, but we've all gone rogue so the aliens made earth for the rogue robots? Ya might wanna stop now, cause I could be weird allllllllll day.

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πŸ“ π’žπ’½π“Šπ’Έπ“€ πŸ“
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8 Nov, 2019
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