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What Is Fiction if Not the Longings of Our Heart
What Is Fiction if Not the Longings of Our Heart

What Is Fiction if Not the Longings of Our Heart


She lays her head on his chest

And gazes at the sky above

Stary night and the wind making them hold on to each other

Like the well fitted pieces of puzzle

He feels the warmth of her tears

Hugging her more into him - he smells her hair

A smile steals away her trouble

A million thoughts whispers in her ears ‘We love him’

But she chooses not to share - what if he doesn’t?

He picks that minute to fiddle with her fingers

Her mind jumps and heart flutters

He is her happy glitter

He carefully touches her lips

And she blushes behind his ears

Pulling her head up she orders ‘Kiss me already’

His laughter drives away her fears

With her arms around his nape - she softly says ‘You will make some girl, one day, very happy’

Making a fist around her wrist - he answers ‘I want to make you happy’

She rests her head back again on his chest ‘You already do’

Author Notes: If your tears bothers him, know that he loves you. So if you are lucky to have that, never let that go.

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2 Sep, 2019
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