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What Is Life?

What Is Life?

By lyssy3003

There is a question that we may all answer very young or very old. Though this question is not one that has a set determination, only a time of when we fully understand it.

The question is: What is Life?

Now some people will answer that question with a question. Perhaps something similar to, "What do you think makes Life?" and there also some people who will explain the cell and complete structure of what makes one living. That is not what Life fully is though. Life is full of our own definition and our own experiences and that is why you hear people ask your own definition or why there is no set definition. Our own definition comes from our own experiences and trials, if we don't have those trials then we don't have those experiences.
Sort of an unrelated question while on the subject. Have you ever seen someone suffer because of another? Anyone? Friend, family member, even your dog if you want to say that. Just anyone...
For me it's someone very close to me. She works so hard to make my Life along with some other's happy, though someone else continues to tear her down. She knows I think about her, but it's still difficult. There's hardly any more Life... in any of us. Sometimes, all you can do is be there for them.

Though I feel I'm digressing. To the subject again of, what is Life?
Life is your struggles, your lessons, your family, friends, pets, feelings, all the hugs, laughter, happiness, and even those boulder-sized stones that seem to be thrown at you. I don't know who's reading this, so I don't know if your depressed, happy, going through hard or amazing times, but I can say that whatever it is, there is no reason under any circumstances to fight this battle called Life alone. The battle of Life is neverending and deserves to have more than one person on the same side as you.

I may not know you, but I love you all and know you have great potential. So find it and use it.

Author Notes: I have no idea what this does for anyone. When you're thinking, sometimes you just need to write it down. So I did.

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11 Dec, 2019
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