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What Is Love?
What Is Love?

What Is Love?

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What is love? The romantic kind you see in movies, what is it?

I have spent my whole life wondering this. Love seems like a simple thing; you meet your soulmate, you fall for each other, and vow to never leave each other and fight for each other till the end. Or the sad kind of love, where you meet the one you think is your soulmate but they disagree with you, for they do not feel this love you feel for them.

My grandparents say they love each other, they kiss and hold each other and you can feel the love radiating off of them. It is so strong.

But what is love? I have never felt this love that is portrayed in movies or books or from what I've seen with other people in my life. I should be able to tell what love is when I feel it because of the many examples I see each day right?

My parents say that I'm just a late bloomer, but what do they know? They stopped loving each other years ago.

I ask my grandmother instead, she's still in love so she would know right? She tells me that maybe I have felt romantic love but confused it the kind of love you feel for friends and family instead. But why would I do that? I want love so much so why would my mind disguise it?

As I start going to high school I pray that my luck with love will change. Soon enough my best friend askes me out. We went on a date and had the time of my life, and later that night he asks me to be his partner, for us to be one. I accept. I still don't feel romantic love for him but he's kind and I like how he treats me, so maybe I do but my mind is just messing with me?

We date for two years but love never comes. I don't understand. We did everything the movies and books said to do so why wasn't it working. We break up and luckily we stay good friends. I ask him if he really loved me and he said he did but he was okay that I didn't love him back. He would find someone new.

I expected to be upset but I was happy he was moving on.

So in the end, I never found love. I tried to and have since dated others but love is not something I have I guess.

Must be a nice feeling though.

Author Notes: Idk what this is. Enjoy?

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16 Nov, 2020
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2 mins
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