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What is love.

What is love.

By josiemarie12

I'm going to narrow this down.. big time.. there's a lot.. when you've liked a guy for over a year, went out with him 4 times.. a lot happens. Well.. I've liked this guy,. for over a year now.. and, I'm in love with him, don't even say I'm not. I'm going to be typing this like I'd be writing to him, because I'm just use to that. I have about 5 full notebooks from just summer of 2010. Not counting the 3 from the past 3 months. Just to make it clear, I am emo, I don't cut. Well, let's skip a couple parts and say I've liked you since October of 2009. On January 26, 2010, you started dating one of my bestfriends. Of course, no one had any idea I liked you, because I just never felt the way I felt with you, so I kept it to myself. Well, you sat with us at lunch, and I looked you straight in the eye and said "break her heart and I'll break your neck." Oh how I wish I could've told you the truth. The truth was, my friends Cheyenne, and Jordan were just messing around. Jordan knew you liked Cheyenne, so she made Cheyenne say yes to dating you. But you didn't know. I did. And I hated it. I wanted to tell you they were lying. But I kept my mouth shut.. bad idea. Well, Cheyenne got tired of it, and broke up with you. A couple weeks later, Febuary 16, 2010, to be exact, JORDAN, asks you out. Well this totally destorys me. So I don't talk at lunch that day. No one seemed to care, except this girl Kiana.. I didn't know her that well though. Well guess what, after another couple weeks I get a text from Jordan. Febuary 27, 2010, 4:17 p.m. - "Jos, I don't wanna date Alex anymore. If I give you his number will you break up with him for me?" I said I would, I did. I felt wierd. I mean, texting the guy you love that your bestfriend is breaking up with him. Well, after I sent it to you, and you answered.. I finally decided to tell you that I liked you. You answered.. I was a little shocked by your answer. You said "really? that's.. great.. cause, honestly.. I.. like you." You had no idea how happy I was. So, March 13, 2010, we started dating.. first time. I wasn't use to how you made me feel. Then, I was stupid and let you go. Only 3 days, and I broke up with you.. I was so stupid.

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17 Dec, 2010
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2 mins
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