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What Is Wrong With Me
What Is Wrong With Me

What Is Wrong With Me


What is wrong with me? Why do I want to bleed? Why can’t I handle, the problems thrown at my candle? To turn everything into flames, running through the blames, I can’t handle the shame, I can’t think about my name. I try to keep balance, I try to show my talents, but instead I get torn down, all my talents get ripped out, I can’t feel anything at times.

It’s like I’m not even mine, it’s definitely become a problem, I can’t handle, because that’s when I’m a threat to my own candle. I reach out for the flame, and try to burn my hand away, hurt myself until I feel, the pain I should whenever I heal. It’s not there, I’m not real, something is wrong. WHY AM I SO DUMB? What am I supposed to be? Why have I stopped trying to see?

I’m a real thing! I’m a living being! No. I’m not. I can’t feel any hurt, it’s like I am a ghost, and someone else is in my clothes.

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20 Nov, 2020
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