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what makes me happy
what makes me happy

what makes me happy

HermioneMalfoyHermione Malfoy
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Ten hours of just rehearsal, all day

Staying up late with your roommates and getting absolutely no sleep

Reuniting with old friends and meeting new people

The first conversation you have with your new stand partner

Trying to go to sleep that night but having Danzon No. 2 stuck in your head

When the conductor calls you out and asks you to play by yourself

And everyone applauds afterwards

The feeling you get when you first sit down at your first rehearsal

That feeling when you and your stand partner have your first inside joke

At lunch when you only have one friend to sit with

And you both judge all of the snotty kids from arts schools

When you’re trying to change into your concert clothes in a one-stall bathroom

And when you and your friends accidentally walk into the wrong rehearsal

That feeling when you sit down in first chair

Or maybe fourth, or maybe last

It doesn’t matter, because you’re still just as talented as everyone else

When you’re sitting in the back and you hear one of the double basses make a joke

And you accidentally start laughing

When you play the most intense game of Uno in your life

With the kids you didn’t know would be fun

That feeling on the concert day, when you sit in your chair on stage

And the conductor looks at you and smiles

When you’re sitting backstage, listening to the other orchestra rehearse

And then the music gets gradually more and more energetic

And you and your friend can’t help but dance along

Doing the salsa up and down the wings

And then

The feeling when it all ends

You play the last note of Finlandia

And then everyone applauds

The concert’s over

And you tell your friends you’ll see them next year

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Hermione Malfoy
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18 Apr, 2022
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