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What Matters the Most
What Matters the Most

What Matters the Most

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There are certain emotions that we responds in our life. There were a better days were we wish to last long like someone is hugging you and talking about dreams and the places you wish to go. You would have says “I wish life would be simple as like this?” Even having coffee together and laugh about the past things that happens where doesn’t matter anymore. Sometimes our life needs those simple moments and that simple moments is from the person we loved the most in this lifetime that matter the most in life.
But when suddenly you have to face the reality that sometimes money matters the most, you have to pay your bills, the dreams you wanted to be but you’re keep on wondering where and when to start, you wanted to help other people but you can’t offer anything because most of the time people needs money more than consoling them. The relatives that make you feel less than anything else, this is not because you’re not trying but because they makes you feel small and it effects your life that you will not be good enough. Your job that consuming your energy but won’t give you salary raise or you’re not get promoted. Your dreams of giving your parents comfortable life because that is what they deserved but you still relay on them.

Sometimes life complicates you when you are penniless. Not because you want that situations, You are trying so hard but the things is, you have to experience that for you can be ready for the good news of the Lord that one of this day soon, your life would be change in just snap of his hand.

He wants you to trust him, in the moment were you are so broke and no one cares. He wants you to place your faith in his hand that everything’s will be okay. He’s understanding is high as above.
Those experiences will make you wiser, bolder and stronger. It takes time understand and appreciate his plan.

Author Notes: Be still. He will never let you go.

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27 May, 2021
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