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What Needs to be Said

What Needs to be Said

By MidnightLies

Thirteen-year-old Kaylin Cahill had always been desperate for love. Not romantic love, but simply the love of her friends and family. She wanted to be reassured that her existence was worth something, even if it was just one person who got joy from her being there.

So one day, Kaylin decided that she if wasn’t sure if anyone actually loved her, she should simply ask them. She went to all of her family and friends and asked them the very same question: “Do you love me?” But this world is cruel, and no one answered. Everyone assumed that Kaylin was joking, or perhaps just looking for attention.

She asked her sister Emily if she loved her. Emily said nothing and continued with her homework. She asked her parents if they loved her. They told her that they were busy and to leave them alone. She asked her friends if they loved her. They just told her that she was looking for attention and to get off her high horse.

Kaylin was heartbroken. It seemed that no one in this world at all loved her! So Kaylin withdrew from her life. She locked herself in her bedroom for days, speaking to no one. One day someone at last thought to ask her what was wrong. Her best friend Alicia came over to her house and walked up to her bedroom door to ask what was wrong with her. However, instead of answering, Kaylin simply said, “Do you love me?” Alicia, annoyed and exasperated, said “This again?! Stop being so dramatic Kaylin!” and with that she left.

One week later, after it had been several days since Kaylin had left her bedroom even for meals and bathroom breaks, her mother had the sense to open her door and see for herself what was going on. She discovered Kaylin sprawled out on her bed lifeless, with a bottle of pills in her hand. Kaylin had thought no one loved her, so accordingly her life was worthless. And what does one do with a worthless life except end it?

Be careful what you say, but don’t forget what needs to be said.

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23 Oct, 2010
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