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What now? A story of a vampire

What now? A story of a vampire

By hannahbelle

Where do you run when you know they will find you?
When do you run when you know they are faster then you?
How are you silent when they are always listening?
Were do you hide when you know they are watching you?
How are you alone when they are everywhere?
How will you protect yourself without weapons?

I tried to run faster, but i knew i was already dead. i would never kiss my husband of children again. i would never feel the hard embrace of my loving father. they would never know what happened to me. i would be the mother who abandoned her kids. the worst mother ever. a tear slid down my cheek as i jumped behind a dumpster. This creature was not supposed to exsit. Vampire. he found me easily and without hesitation jerked me to my feet and over his shoulder. i tried to scream but terror had took over my voice. as he took me deeper and deeper in the woods, i prayed. i prayed for god to take care of my famliy and let them find it in their heart to forgive me for leaving them. he sat me down and i looked into his red eyes. why me i asked. there is so many people in the world.why me? he didnt reply. instead he quickly sunk his fangs out of my neck and began to feel woosey. i had no power and fell limp in his arms. i couldnt fight. i was completley vision began to blur together and join together completly. then, it had completley faded away. i was almost completly dead. all was black. I was no more then a memory now. i hope he was happy. he had killed a loved member of a loving family for his own benifit. all of a sudden, i woke up. i wausnt dead, i was changed. My changer was no were to be found but at the moment i dint care. i felt thirsty and evil. i hated feeling like him but i needed it. i decided i wouldnt even look to see who it was that i would kill,l would just kill the first unlucky human i came across. finally someone walked along. i coud hear the blood pumping under their veins. i threw myself at the pitiful human. It was a child i knew but i didnt know who. i drunk from the child until there was no more left to drink. I opened my eyes to see my five year old sons lifeless body laying on the ground, soaked in blood. i coould not believe what i had done. i was a evil monster who killed their own child and i wanted myself dead. i turned and ran as fast a i could go and ran off the hightest point of a nearby mountian. when i landed, i was still breathing. i landed on my feet and it was almost like jumping off a trampline.thats when it hit me. i was never going to die. i was gooing to live forever with the guilt of killing the person i loved the most. for putting my family through so much pain. it would never stop.

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23 Nov, 2009
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2 mins
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