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What to wear? So much thought for a girl

What to wear? So much thought for a girl

By reachamongthestars

So hey i am taking this opportunity to rant about something random. (i've tried keeping it short)
I want to ask: What ever has happened to the humble t shirt and shorts? Going out has never been so difficult. And yet its not the adults who judge you- its the teens- the people the same age as you. >:(
When you put on something simple.. maybe just a pair of nice jeans and your favourite top, its never enough. It's like the better girls, the "popular" ones are always the ones who seem to have an endless supply of clothes coming in. Sometimes, you see people look you up and down... judging you on your clothes. It was never like this when we were small. Children don't judge others on their clothes because when we were young and innocent, a shirt and shorts in summer would be perfectly fine. They didn't have to match either. Comfort was enough for then. But now, every damned piece of clothing is getting more and more expensive and I don't blame inflation.
The simple t shirt has been accessorised so much with chains, scarves and other useless ornaments. I mean come on, since when did you need a scarf with your t shirt in summer?
Useless useless useless. And so the next time you go out, if you're a girl, switch back to wearing the basics: shorts and a shirt. Denim is nice... and maybe just maybe, you might like what you see inthe mirror :D comfort over style.

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16 May, 2011
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