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What true love looks like

What true love looks like

By lillith123

A boy and a girl were walking down the road one night. They were talking about the girl and only the girl. The boy just loved her. She new this, she loved him too. He said if she moved away for a long time he would wait. She said she would do the same. He thought he new everything about her. But he didn't. What he didn't know was that her life was horrible.

That night the boy walked the girl home. They stood in the doorway of her house. He looked her in the eyes and said i love you so very much, holding her close he kissed her and said goodbye.The girl stood and whispered to her self. "don't leave me, i love you." She went inside. Standing there was her mother, mad wondering where she was. The girl tells her mother she was on a walk with her friend. Her mother didn't believe her.

The girl goes to bed. But what she doesn't know is she's in danger. She hears whispering. Slowly she walks to her bedroom door. She hears her parents talking about sending her to hell. The girl is trying to hold back the tears, not knowing what is about to happen.

The boy is at home in his bedroom about to fall asleep. His phone rings. It's the girl. He picks it up and asks whats wrong, all he hears is....."help me." the phone hangs up. He runs out of the house and to her house. He sees the light go off. the window opens. He sees her, she's crying. "Jump" he calls up at her. she slowly climbs out the window. He catches her in his arms. He then sees the blood. They weren't tears. He takes her to the hospital. She is then taken into surgery. Hours go by and the boy is scared. She finally comes out. He runs to her room. She's sleeping. "She's doing great, she'll be able to go home tomorrow" the nurse says. Later the girl wakes up. She looks and the boy and says "I love you" the boy then kisses her and says " I should have never left. She looks him in the eyes and says "You never did"
The boy takes her to his house the next day. His parents say she can stay until she wants to go home. She turns to her boyfriends parents and says "this is my home" They all hug her. She then lives at their house but is still the boys girlfriend,just much closer. Closer then ever.
The girls parents never looked for her, she didn't care. She new she was in a place where she belonged, a place where she was in loves arms...Literally

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30 Mar, 2011
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2 mins
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