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what will happen

what will happen

By fairaie1234

one day there was a girl. she was hiking through the woods when she came to a run down town. she wandered around the town looking in every shop window and every open door she passed. she was hoping to get a few supplys and a room for the night, being as it was getting dark now. however the town was completely deserted. while she was searcing for someone to ask, she heard a sound. she followed the sound to a cave on the southern outskirts of the town. the sound, what she thought it was, were voices, and they were most defenatly coming from the cave. when the girl entered the cave the voices stopped, however after a few minutes of silence they carried on with the conversation. these "voices" were coming from deep inside the cave. the girl followed the voices. after about half an hour she stopped to listen to the voices to see if she was any closer, but the had stopped. she waited for them to carry on with the conversation, but they didnt carry on, the voices were gone.... she was now alone, deep in a cave.... a deep, dark, cold cave, alone. then, suddenly, there were footsteps. the steps were slow and heavy. they then got quicker and lighter. the person was now getting closer to her. when she had entered the cave it had lights perched on the walls and they were on, now the lights were flickering on and off, when suddenly the lights went out and she was plungged into darkness, a deep solome darkness. the footsteps were now right behind her..... no in front of her....... they were circling her..... she was just a mouse in a cats grasp.... the footsteps stopped.... right behind her.... the "person" was right behind her. the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, thats when the voice comes, the same voice she was following into the cave...... it wasnt a conversation with lots of people but one person talking to her. "Amy are you stupid coming in here? it is dangerous!" says the voice. Amy knows the voice is male. the man says to amy,
"amy can you hear me?"
"i am ok sir, thank you. and if you dont mind me asking, who are you and where the hell am i?"
this catches the man by suprise, for he takes his time in answering her questions.
"im afraid i cant tell you that, now amy, tell me you were not hiking in the woods" his voice pleading.
"im sorry ut i cant say that sir being as i was on a hike, now please please please tell me who you are or where i am!" amy's voice is cross and firm.
the man is stunned for a few moments, but when he finaly answers, he says,
"im so sorry amy."
amy seems shocked at this point.
"for wha........" amy trails off. she hits her head on a rock laying on the floor. the man hit her with enough force to send her flying. he then picks her up and flings her over his shoulder and carrys her out of the cave.

when amy awakens she is in a white room. in the room there is only one bed, one table and a tray with some cookies and a glass of water on it sitting on the table. amy picks up a cookie and eats it hungrily, she then takes a sip of the water and puts the glass back. the cookie is the best one she has ever tasted. she finishes one cookie, two cookies, three cookies and is about to start her forth cookie when the door on the far side of the room opens and a young man walked in carrying a clean change of clothes. that is when she realised that she was wearing a hospital gown. amy asks the man politly,
"excuse me sir?"
"yes miss?" the young male replys quietly.
"where am i sir?"
the man tells amy that she is in the hospital after "falling" inside the cave. the room falls silent for a few minutes and then the man is called away over the loudspeaker. he lays the clothes on the bed and walks out of the room. amy is alone again. the next time the door opens it is not the young male who came last time but a older female in a white nurses outfit with a nurses cap on her head. she came in carrying a tray just like the last one, accept when this lady left the room, the door stayed open. once amy was dressed she ate the cookies and drank the remainder of the water and she got out of the bed and walked over to the door. as she got closer to the door it closed. when amy got back to the bed it opened again. amy tried numerous times to leave the white room but failed each time. when she had given up all hope of leaving the white room, the door closed by itself and opened again a few seconds later and in the doorway was a tall shadow. the shadow belonged to a man, who came and sat on the bed next to amy. when he spoke his voice was gruff and hoarse.
"hello amy, my dear. i have heard alot about you. do you know who i am?"
"no sir im afraid i dont."
"i am the prime minister"
"hello sir, if you dont mind my asking why are you here?"
the prime minister did not speak for a few minutes, but when he did it was not to amy, but to his wrist watch... amy onl caught a few words from the other end of the line.
"i have him sir..... do you have the girl?........... where might he be being held?"
but the worst was yet to come..
"shall we torture him or not sir?"
this made amy worry for she did not know who he was on about. when the prime minister had finished talking and he had turned back to amy, she was gone. he looked around the room and his eyes fell upon the open door. he shouted at the top of his lungs,
"curse you amy mcleigh!" and he then stormed out of the room. after a short while amy came out from underneath the bed and ran out of the door. she was stood in a dimly lit corridor. at the other end of the hallway she could see a door, a large, oak door. she walked down the corridor, after just a few steps amy heard heavy footsteps behind her. she started to run towards the big oak door. once she had reached the door she turned to see who it was after her. it was the prime minister. am frankticaly grabbed the knob and turned it to the right and opened the door and slammed it just in time to get away from the prime minister, she locked the door with the key provided. after she was sure she was safe, she turned to see where she stood. she appeard to be in a gardern of some form. that is when she realised she had no shoes on. luckily she was stood on grass.

part two coming soon.... thank you for reading.

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26 Dec, 2011
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6 mins
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