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What Would Father Say

What Would Father Say

By StoriesAreFeelingsOfLife

I smoked a cigarette today.

What would my father say?

I skipped school today.

What would my father say?

I turned 16 today.

What would my father say?

I wouldn't know, for my father is away.

He is not dead, he is not gone, but his mind is.

The man who lives in my father's body is not my father. I have never met my true father.

The man who sits in my father's chair would say, "I once was a smoker, when I managed The Beatles."

What he says is always the same, everyday.

Now my father's body is away, living in a group home.

I have not seen him since June, he has left me alone.

At one point he was homeless, living on the street.

I saw him sitting there, his clothes were not neat.

Now he is calling me on my phone, and I want to be alone.

My father called me today, but I did not answer.

My father called me today.

What would I say?

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26 Nov, 2015
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