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Whatever Happened to You, Lois?
Whatever Happened to You, Lois?

Whatever Happened to You, Lois?

apemannAndy (Formerly Apemann)

It was another big story, but Lois Lane, ace reporter for the Daily Globe, was left frustrated on the fringes of the crowd that had gathered around the scene. No matter what she tried she could not penetrate the press of bodies and move any closer to where all the action was.

Suddenly a gasp went up from the crowd.

“It’s Superman!” someone cried as a familiar caped figure swooped gracefully overhead. Everybody looked up to see the still-exciting spectacle of a flying man, including Lois Lane…

… who promptly tumbled backwards into a large bush.


After leaving several injured motorists in the care of the local medical facility Superman dived in to a vacant telephone kiosk and in a blur of motion re-emerged moments later as the impeccably dressed bespectacled Clark Kent.

He is seated at his desk writing his account of the near-fatal multi-vehicle freeway accident his alter-ego Superman had attended when Lois Lane enters the office. Her hair is bedraggled and has leaves and bits of twig caught in it. Her previously smart and fashionable skirt-and-jacket ensemble is also the worst for wear, showing dirt and muddy streaks on both garments.

Barely able to suppress a smirk at the sight of his colleague and would-be lover Clark Kent asked:

“Why, Lois! Whatever happened to you?”


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About The Author
Andy (Formerly Apemann)
About This Story
10 May, 2016
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1 min
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