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Whats Beyond
Whats Beyond

Whats Beyond


What's Beyond

It was a beautiful day outside and how the city blocked the sun for most buildings was just a shame for all the people that loved the sun but I don’t think there are people like that anyway. In this boring old town barely anyone had fun, fun was like a “virus” for them. It seemed as if it was lurking in a meadow of their old negligent heart. If you catch it you would feel a feeling they call “slacking off” for insignificant reasons. I just don’t understand their way of living. I always knew I was different from them, but I was glad. I love having feelings of happiness, excitement, and curiosity. But I guess I was the only one that loved to feel those heartwarming feelings that bring me to my happy place.

It was all work and work and money and so on! They never had color on their monotonous pinched old faces or even any vacations! If they did, they would be considered one of the “outsiders” that hated money and gaining things or levels of promotions.

But luckily for me, I lived near the side of the woods, where everything was beautiful and shining brighter than it has ever had so I don’t have to worry about seeing these people and their rude judging thoughts.

Staring at the window I have noticed a mysterious light with a puzzling glow. It was one of the things that wanted to bring us in. One of the things that lurked around just to drag us.

I had to find out what it was, I HAD to know what lies there show be found by me! Only me! And so here I am planning my journey, deciding to go at night when all my family was dead asleep. After a few hours of waiting to investigate, night came and so did my family’s eagerness to fall asleep within their sleepiness feelings.

Laying at the bed, trying to catch my focus in order to not fall asleep, which was a hard thing you know.

The clock strikes midnight and so does the time to go explore my curiosity. Walking through the halls trying not to creak a sound as my family snoring fades away as I get closer to the front door. And so standing on the autumn leaves, I was crushing each leaf for eave tone of a satisfying crunch that most people like to have when eating corn chips.

I saw the light shining but the weirdest thing that I didn’t understand was that it was shining brighter in the day than the night. Isn’t light supposed to shine brighter in the night! I mean I just don’t even know why my world acts all weird.

Anxious but yet also determined to proceed the journey, a big blob of butterflies was instantly filling in my stomach as if they just rented a stomach to stay in order to cease them from doing what they loved most but that didn’t stop me from going.

After a few hours of walking of surviving the walking of these dead-rooted floors, things started getting scarier and creepier each second I stepped on the wood’s spiritedly grounds. Bats, caves, and weird-looking butterflies/bugs to be specific.

But the worst thing of all was the darkness, how it swallows everything in like a shade of black.

The Hopeless color of …… black. The figure of a sign appeared slowly at the corner of my eyes, it looked poorly man-made so I inferred that it was made before the proper tools of crafts about…which was about 100 years ago…

It had a crafted message, so deep depth and poorly crafted with a dreadfully unappealing look to it. The message:

“Don’t go there, shall thee you will be tricked by the heavenly look ….. Don’t make the same mistake” was written so carefully with a powerful message that made me question my journey, it made me apprehensive and full of all the petrifying endings. I hesitantly stepped forward as if I had selected the choice to keep going into the deep downhearted trail.

The crashing and breaking of leaves were made behind me. Was someone there? Who or even what is it? Things are seriously getting extra freaking scarier and creepier especially now that someone or it is following.

Maybe this whole thing was just a mistake! A mistake that shouldn't have been made, the mistake that I ………. Should have thought of it before heading out in these dead woods. What was I thinking! What made me this way……..

I sat down slowly trying to sort things out even though I knew that its way too late for that!

I got up on my foot clenching on my backpack and frightening holding my flashlight, on one hand, to support the light of hope to lead me to whatever is beyond the darkness. Simultaneously also trying to take out the thought of someone following me. It felt like I was trying to lift up a billion pounds off my small stupid but curious heart.

As I was walking, the silhouette of some sort of stairs appeared right in front of me it was only one foot away. It was nice, attractive, and heavenly looking.

Was that what the message had meant? Should I stay away?

But for some reason, I couldn’t ……..

It was so tempting and appealing, I had a feeling of want, a feeling of getting closer…….. The light touch ………….I needed to…..

“W-A-K-E UP!!!”, Ellie shouted. Bringing me back to this hideous horrible reality once again.

“Ellie! I was sleeping and exploring the stairs, I was about to know about the stairs!” I yelled back in a frustrated voice.

“Oh my gosh, are you imagining those baby dreams again Jaqueline! Just stop doing that, it’s for babies! And we have school to go to and not dream worlds so let’s go!!”

“Oh fine I am kind of glad I didn’t go there, maybe I took it too far….”

Whatever was behind the stairs should stay hidden and unknown because of evil heavenly looking tricks………

Author Notes: Hope you enjoyed it!

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About This Story
5 Feb, 2022
Read Time
5 mins
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