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Whats Wrong With Dreaming
Whats Wrong With Dreaming

Whats Wrong With Dreaming


Once there was a little girl, let's call her Azra. Azra was quite a peculiar child. She loved to dream a lot, and she had a vast imagination. One thing that Azra loved to do was take care of her little critter friends. Her mother always turned on animal documentaries, and she couldn't get enough of them. Soon Azra was turning six, and she heard about this person who took care of animals made sure they were happy and healthy. As Azra grew older, she took control of her dreams and turned them into reality. She worked hard, and everyone always encouraged her to follow her dreams. Azra soon became a well know lady with one of the largest animal hospitals in the nation!

Now, let's use another example; let's take a young boy named Liam. Liam always wanted to be a singer when he grew up, he drew pictures about it, and he wasn't half bad. Soon Liam began to grow older, and he entered middle school. Kids teased him about his dreams, and all the teachers said the same thing. "Liam that's not a stable job; don't you think you want to be something else, like a doctor." Liam eventually gave up on his dreams and now works in an office building filing paperwork.

Dreams spark our minds; they feed us. A dream can grow into reality if we try hard enough. So, don't let the world get in the way of your dreams because we are all just flowers waiting to bloom to our full potential. We are not meant to be left in the dark to wither away. So, follow your dreams and make them reality.

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23 Sep, 2019
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