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What's Wrong With a Little Weed?

What's Wrong With a Little Weed?

By vbnbama

Today I woke up with way too much on my mind. I scrambled around the house trying to balance children, medications and proper dosing, mother-in-law who was trying to help work on the house, workmen who could arrive at any moment, animals that needed feeding, dishes I could barely get to because of the unfinished floor, etc. etc. etc. I needed something to clear my mind...
(hold on, not that kinda weed)

I stepped outside, took a deep breath and I saw a sunflower that grew sideways. I approached the flower I couldn't help but be amazed at how pretty it was. The bees couldn't get enough of this flower and neither could I. It was a reminder of how rough of a summer we've had so far but despite the 70+ mile per hour winds that bent this flower in a different bloomed.

I started wondering if I too would bloom by summer's end, despite unexpected winds that have slowed my progression. At the base of the sunflower was a weed. I looked around my garden which I had not had time to go to in over 2 weeks and I saw nothing but weeds. I'm not much of a gardener and have actually never weeded a day in my life. I felt like it was about time.

I slowly bent down, and plucked my first weed. That was easy I thought. So I bent down again, and picked another. I went from tomatoes to watermelon, to strawberries and flowers. For hours and with bare hands I pulled weeds. I began to notice how much fruit God has given me this summer. There were so many weeds blocking my view that I had not even noticed.

With sunburned shoulders and earth in my hair, I stepped back and looked around. I saw flowers, I saw pears, I saw a lot of things I had no idea were even there.

It's easy to plant new things. Sometimes they grow sometimes they don't. If you don't take time to maintain your crop, you may never see it. Weeds have clouded my perception over the last few weeks. Sometimes all you have to do is realize that it takes some work sometimes for us to see what God gives us. You may have to rid your life of weeds, you may have to get your hands dirty, but you can't let weeds take over. The longer you let 'em stay,the harder they are to pull. The next time you find yourself wondering where God is, take a good look at your surroundings. Rid yourself of weeds and you'll find Him.

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23 Aug, 2011
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2 mins
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