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What's YOUR Wish? - Josh's Wish

What's YOUR Wish? - Josh's Wish


Josh was like your average teenager; horny! Sex was on his mind 24/7 and he would always harass girls at his school, grabbing on their butts and boobs.

Then one day after school he recieved a box in the mail with an envolope attached. Seatting himself on the livingroom couch he opened it and read:

Dear Reader,

You have been granted ONE WISH! You can wish for ANYTHING you like and it will happen. Befor you open the box merely recite your wish aloud three times. However, wish with caution as Karama may use this wish against you!

Great Wishes,


At first Josh was going to chunk the box in the trash but with the hopes that it might work he decided gave it a shot.

"Besides," he reasond, "what can I lose? If it doesn't work it doesn't work. Now, what do I want?"

Not one thought later and the answer came out three times, "I wish for a hot, teacher stripper. I wish for a hot, teacher stripper. I wish for a hot, teacher stripper."

A rushing wind blew through the livingroom, sending chills up Joshs spine. Pulling the tape away, he slowly lifted one of the flaps. He then lifted the other flap. Nothing happened. What was he supposed to do? He re-read the letter but there weren't any clear instructions on what to do after he opened the box. A few moments went by and nothing, so he stood up and kicked the box. Little styrofoam pieces fell out as it landed a few feet away.

Josh sat back and closed his eyes."Stupid idea anyway," he sighed.

When he opened his eyes he nearly crapped his pants when - to his amazment - there stood a sexy, half naked stripper on the coffee table in front of him. She wore nothing but a blue dress shirt, revealing a pink bra and matching panties.

"Hey big boy," she teased, "I'm here to talk about the F you made on your last test."


"Yep, so..." The stripper hopped down and began doing her strip tease.

For hours and hours she teased him until...

SMACK! "No, don't do that." She laughed.

"Come on, let's do it!"

She thought for a moment, twirling a strand of blond hair. "I guess I could teach you a lesson. I always love to teach a student."

She stood up with her back to him, begining to remove her pink bra but stopped. Turning to him she said, "Hold on, you bad student you."

Josh eyed every part of her body as she walked into the kitchen. He heard what sounded like silverware rusteling around.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

The stripper returned holding a giant knife. The look in her eyes was that of a crazed person. Dispite this she calmly replied, "Oh, you bad student you."

"W-what are you d-d-doing?" Josh asked.

"Teaching you a LESSON!"

She lunged at him and began repeatedly stabbing him in his private parts while he screamed in agony. He tried to fight back but only got his hands mutilated as he did. After what seemed like forever she suddenly stopped. Blood was everywhere; on the couch, walls, and floor.

The stripper stood up and removed her bra, exposing her breasts. "I always like teaching my students."

The last thing Josh saw as he choked on his own blood was her smooth, large breasts.

Always be careful what you wish for!

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About This Story
29 Sep, 2010
Read Time
2 mins
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