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When He Knew

When He Knew

By yichxng - 2 Reviews

“OMG YES!” I squealed in delight as I opened the first letter in my mailbox. I was going to perform during Childrens’ Day on stage, with the girl of my dreams!!! She was an average girl, average looks, average results, but I really don’t know how and why did I fall under her spell… She had been my crush for 2 years, but I did not dare to speak up as I feared rejection. What I was oblivious to, was that she also had the same feelings for me, but was waiting for me to confess first. Only if I knew…

I was supposed to be the violin accompaniment for her as she played the piano, and I have practised over and over again, the song which I am supposed to play. I was actually striving to do a good job on this one, not simply to showcase myself in front of the whole school, but mainly to prove myself worthy as a musician in front of her.

Finally, after weeks of waiting, the day finally came. Standing on stage and holding my prized violin, I looked at her in her beautiful dress and she returned the glance. After giving each other an assuring look, we began.

During the performance, I stole glances at her, only to see her getting all shaky, with cold sweat starting to break on her forehead. I started to get nervous too, after hearing that she did not play expressively enough and there were a few notes which were out, but I managed to keep it in, showing a calm and cool side. However, having a fiery temper, I really got pissed off when the last ending chord was played wrongly, causing a very weird and out sound, and having everyone laugh at us.

After the performance, I went backstage to look for her, only to find her weeping in a corner. However, my anger got the better of me and instead of comforting her, I let out all my rage at her, saying that she was not good enough and that she will only pull my standards down. As soon as I uttered these words, I realised that I had made a mistake as I saw the hurt in her eyes when she looked at me in shock. Without uttering another word, she stood up and ran off, leaving me there, close to tears.

Why did I say those things? Why did I have to make matters worse? These few days at school, she rarely even talked to anyone, even her best friend, Kelly. During recess, she isolated herself at the corner of the classroom, staring blankly into space and sometimes with tears in her eyes. I realised that it was all my fault and I am trying my best to make up for it, but she just remains as she is, a cold person with no feelings.

A few days later, I decided to go to her blog to check out what she had posted, but out of the sea of words there, the sentence “I never knew that the only person I loved would do that to me.” caught my eye and left me frozen in front of my computer screen. She had always liked me. And yet I did such a thing to her…

I broke down into tears.

Author Notes: Any good sad love stories suggestions to recommend?

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8 Aug, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
3.5 (2 reviews)

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