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When i thought i knew

When i thought i knew

By 594563anne

When i thought i knew who she was... who i was. Everyday i feel like im putting on a mask a mask that says the complete opposite of me. A mask that is bright and happy.. and in order for her to be liked has to say she likes stuff she hates.
I dont like pop music or hip hop i like screamo, heavy metal and all that dark stuff.

December 4 , 2011

Hey Jayne! said Laura ( anne's best friend) you know its summer .. why you always wearing long sleeves? she asked, umm well there really is no answer to that .. i just like long sleeves I said , well for once why dont you pull up your sleeves? she asked
we walked right into the group of popular kids like we always do everyday but of course she had to do she had to pull up my sleeves.
There was a big GASP everyone looking at both of my arms stunned
to see what they did. cuts. everywhere up to my elbow. Out of no where BIg Bruce came in and saw.. EMO! he yelled with a grin at the end. Everyone looked up at him slowly starring in disbelief . Jayne what wh-at happened Laura asked yea what did happen Bruce said laughing again, he's right im emo i said. Well then ... I think i know what my job is to do now Said Bruce. He punched me across the face then back again. nEXT THING i know im down on the ground being whipped rapidly by Bruce with branch he found on the ground..... it stopped.. all of a sudden the whipping and beating stopped i opened my eyes to look straight up and see nothing no one.
I estimated they had all left for class , so i headed on into the school and into the bathroom. Where i could see my bruises and marks all over my face and body ... my sleeves had been ripped off and i had no coat or extra shirt to wear . I clean my face off from the mud and dirt and head off to class.

i WALKed into Mr.Evans class, he looked over at me and asked so calmly what happened? " Dont you see my face my arms my body! i was beaten whipped and all by Your son Mr.Evans YOUR son Bruce! i yelled with anger, in calm voice he replied back "well you do deserve it dont you, your a coward and i never liked at all Jayne " ...... with a gasp from everyone in the class i ran across the room to the desk and toke the work he had on his desk and i ripped it to shreds ! after that i slapped him across his face with my metal belt the i had wrapped around my arm to keep pressure on it.

After that i went to a lake a lake deep enough for me to drown in, but i couldnt do it so instead i locked my self up in my room never wanting to see the world again.. until 2012 December 12.

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13 Dec, 2011
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2 mins
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