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When spying leads to dying

When spying leads to dying

By Bambi-eyes

Okay... So i'm standing on a chair with a rope around my neck, my hands tied behind my back and oh, don't forget about the two young men threatening to flip the chair right from under me! How did I get into this mess? Well, here is my story...

In my last year of school two new boys came into school. Very attractive young males, guys who always knew their place. In all of that they were very distant - TOO distant. They never spoke more than two words with anyone. I never thought much of it, I mean everyone is shy in the beginning, but I grew really suspicious after a few weeks' time. I mean, come on, they NEVER showed any interest in any of the other kids. Not even when Sheila, my arch enemy the blond beauty queen in our school, approached them did they do anything more than speak a few words. They only stuck together in class, break, gym class - everything. They even had the exact same classes which was freaky.

Jumping to conclusions - as always - i believed to have found the answer to all mentioned above... They are gay. They must be, I mean seriously, what normal guy ignores the head cheerleader? Not even the gays can resist trying to be her friend. So I declared them gay, but I just could never be completely satisfied with my conclusion. Maybe because of the way they dressed, maybe because they never hid when they were threatened by bullies. I figured there HAD to be more to it and I was determined to figure out just what was going on.

So I and my two best friends - Julia and Kacey - decided to spy on them. Yah, yah I know it's wrong, but I just couldn't stop myself. It was like being pulled by an invisible force towards them. The more we learned about them, the more we wanted to know. It was like a snowball tumbling. We learned quite a lot actually: Their names were Clyde and Lawrence, nothing strange there. They dressed like normal teenagers - check, they liked the outdoors, they never flunked a grade, they never bunked class, they don't drink or smoke, they don't do drugs, they're smart. Nothing incriminating at all. We were kind of stuck at a dead end, but I just couldn't let go. What I never told the girls is that at night, I dreamed about Lawrence as a dangerous, threatening and deceitfull guy. A guy with alluring and hipnotizing eyes...

Our group of investigators shrunk when Julia suddenly got sick. She was so sick that her parents didn't allow any visitors - not even us! She didn't take phone calls, nothing. So I and Kacey decided to let the investigation continue without her, but we made notes so that we can inform her when she comes back. The next day just after Julia got sick, the boys seemed extremely excited about something, but we just never were able to get close enough to hear what their excitement was about - which was a bummer.

A few days afterwards, Kacey's parents decided to take an untimely vacation. By untimely I mean over night. When I tried to phone, her parents told me she's busy right now and will call me back, which of course she never did.

So here I was, stuck spying on them myself. It turned out to be a lot easier that way - I could get a lot closer without them noticing me. This was the first time I got so close that I could hear a whole conversation without missing bits and pieces.

"Everything still set for tonight?" Clyde asked
"Yes, meet me tonight at quarter to twelve at the Old Tree in the park. Don't be late."
"I won't."

Needles to say I was excited out of my socks. Won't those two be jealous when they hear what I'm doing tonight!

So that night at half past eleven, I was allready at my post at a nearby tree. My heart was pounding so fast that I could hear almost nothing around me. Then when I finaly did hear the bush rustling behind me it is too late and a large object hit my head with tremendous force, causing me to lose conciousness and hit the ground...

And that was the past. Here I am now, having a rope around my neck with Clyde and Lawrence around me. Oh, great. Now what? It's really hard to work out a plan with my head pounding.

"Good evening, Elayna." Clyde says calmly as he stands infront of me with an exact same calm look in his eyes. "Hope Lawrence didn't hit you too hard. Won't want you to die - yet."
"What do you mean d... die?" I asked panickly. But he only turned away. Lawrence also turned away but with a sinister smile - the exact same one as in my repetitive dreams.
"Don't worry, Elayna." Lawrence says calmly.
"NO! What do you want!" I scream in complete panic.
"We need three girls as an offering before the full moon, so that the ritual can be completed. Don't worry, you'll be safe."
"Three girls? What do you mean thr..." then it hit me - Julia and Kacey!
"Yes, dear. Julia and Kacey. Oh, don't worry about their parents. We have a certain... understanding. Leave us be, or the whole family will be wiped out. They saw the power we contain. They aggreed - just as your family did, Elayna."
"You're lying!" I started crying at that shocking news. I knew it had to be true - their families did it.
"I'll bring the girls." Clyde dissapears around the corner and returns with a rope leading julia like a slave, behind her Kacey is on the same rope but... the rope didn't end...? Then my heart almost stopped - Sheila! She's the last one on the rope!
"This isn't making any sense! I thought you only needed three?! What is SHE doing here?" Julia and Kacey is not attempting to talk at all. They just stare in front of them as if hipnotized, but Sheila is shrieking and pulling on the ropes like frantic.
"Oh no, Elayna. We needed three as a sacrifice, we never said YOU were a sacrifice at all." Lawrence said while Clyde started to step backwards from me and Lawrence.
"Girls, say something!"
"Don't worry, Elayna." Clyde says soothingly. "You're friends won't feel a thing. Not the same can be said for dear young Sheila now." he gives a deep, soft unearthly laugh. Lawrence came closer to me while Clyde went on his knees and chanted under his breath. Suddenly something rips through my two friends and they fall, without bleeding, down to the ground. Sheila shrieks and cries histerically. Clyde stops chanting, cuts Julia loose and carries her around the corner.
"But why?" I ask softly through my tears.
"I can see your thoughts. I saw what Sheila did to you. You will have your feasting revenge in a short while. Don't worry, Julia isn't feeling anything. I promise." Lawrence says smilingly. "This will be a short procedure. I will control your body to make it as painless as possible. Don't worry, Elayna. I have to almost kill you before I may save you." I don't bother to ask any more.
Lawrence took my face in his hands and stared deeply into my eyes - I feel my whole body going numb and lifeless. Then he kicks the chair from under me and I feel the rope tighten around my neck. As the last of bit of oxygen I had dissapears my vision starts to blur but my body doesn't indicate pain or the lack of air. I only hear Sheila shrieking my name but I don't pay attention to her. The only thing I felt from the whole experience was when sharp teeth bit into my arm and Sheila yelled once more before everything went black...

Today I am 118 years old. By the way, Sheila was really tasty and by the look on her face she really had pain. Some call us nighthunters, some call us cannibals, some call us demons, some call us vampires. What ever you want to call us, here we are. I am Lawrence's bride and this year it is Clyde's turn for his bride. Every hundred years we can extend our group with one member, and Clyde already hears her thoughts calling to him as mine called to Lawrence. This time it's my turn to change Clyde's bride into one of us. Not living, not dead. I can feel her thoughts calling to me as well... but first... I'm hungry.

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13 Jun, 2011
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