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When The Sirens Blow

When The Sirens Blow

By cmorgan823

As I sat at my desk gazing at the computer screen, My phone rang. I picked it up. It was my really good friend, Cristina (or as we called her, Krissy).
“Hey Donny,” She said.
We talked for awhile, and after a few minutes I asked her if she wanted to hang out, and she said shed love to. I had to wait a few hours though. She was coming at 2 o’clock. My mother had already told me to do something, because I was buggging her all day about the storms that were supposed to come through this evening. I sat listening to The Weather Channel, and my NOAA Weather Radio all day, and I was on my computer looking at the storms on the National Weather Service Website. I have been obsessed with weather for awhile, and I love thunderstorms just like my dad, or so I’ve been told. My dad died when I was 3, so I never really knew him. But my mother says he loved storms and tornadoes as much as I do. That’s why he moved us to Oklahoma when I was 2. I’m originally from Pittsburgh. My cousin, Colin, and my Uncle Rich used to come out every year to see us, and to go stormchasing. But, my uncle rich died last year, in a tornado.
It was 1:58 when I heard the doorbell. I shouted, “I’ll Get it.”
It was Krissy. She came in and we went to my room, and started watching tv. I couldn’t stop staring at her. I had the stranges feeling like I was going to lose her. After awhile, she noticed me staring at her. I turned to the side, and sighed.
“Whats wrong,” she asked.
I replied, “Nothing. It’s just that I have the strangest feeling I’m going to lose you. Like youre gonna vanish or something.”
She sighed, and hugged me tighter (we’ve been secretly dating for about 3 weeks now).
My mom yelled up to us, “Im running down to the store for a few minutes. Ill be right back.” It started to drizzle as she walked out the door.
“Take an umbrella,” I yelled to her.
Krissie looked up at me, and I looked down at her. And then, I shuddered. I got the weirdest feeling in the world, a cold tingle down my back. I knew this feeling all too well. My weather radio went off, a half second before the sirens. She looked at me, horrified. We knew what this ment. I grabbed the radio, and my phone, and ran to the next room and grabbed my dog, Bosco. Since my house was only 1 floor, we ran to the tornado shelter in the closet in the hall.
I slammed the light closet door, and then the steel door of the safe room. My phone rang, and we jumped. It was my mom.
“Donny, are you ok?”
“Yeah mom, we’re fine. We are in the tornado room.”
“Good,” she said, releived. They are keeping us in the safe at the bank, I’m safe”
“Thank God,” me and Krissy said together.
I hung up, just as her parents called her. They were fine, they are in Elaine, a bout 45 minutes away, and totally out of the warning. She hung up just as we heard a big crack. Me, her, and the dog got under the little shelf/bed and covered ourselves. I crouched over her and the dog, and sheilded them both.
We heard the crashing and ripping as the house came apart. We even heard things slamming against the solid steel of the saferoom. Finally, after it was all over we emerged to see that the house wasn’t completely destroyed, but the roof was completely gone. We walked outside, and saw that my neighborhood looked like a warzone, while I shut off all of the utilities. It’s funny how we all take advantage of life, but in a flash everything we take for granted is blown away. Me, Krissy, and Bosco walked down the street and looked for my mom. We saw her SUV coming towards us, and we chased her to our house. She was extremely sad, but happy we were both alive. We drove the 15 minutes to my aunt’s house in Oak Grove. My mom called her on the way, and she was expecting us. Meanwhile, Krissy was on the phone with her parents, telling them directions to my aunt’s. We got to her house at around 5:00. Her parents didn’t get there to about 9:00. We talked for awhile.
“Are you okay,” I asked.
“Yeah,” she replied.
“You know I love you. I never ment for any of this to happen.”
“I know. It was a little freaky. I love you too, Don. I could never go through that with anyone else. You are truly the best guy I know.” She thawed me out. I blushed and sighed.
“What am I gonna do with you,” I asked sarcastically.
“Well, when you get your license next month, you are taking me stormchasing,” she said, enthusiastic. I smiled. She was hooked. I called Colin, and we told him what happened. He said we were lucky. He also wished us luck, and he also said his family will be coming out this year for stormachasing. I told him we are gonna have a third wheel, and he laughed. Krissy blushed. I knew from then that I wouldn’t be lonely. Remember, when the sirens blow, I’ll always be cahsing, and ill always be weary.

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About This Story
24 Mar, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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