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The Final Goodbye
The Final Goodbye

The Final Goodbye

Dari-the-bookwormDari Poulson

I slowly opened my eyes, but everything was blurry. A gray haze seemed to fill the air. I could feel rain falling down around me.

The last thing I remembered was fighting Erin and her army, and when Jason had been stabbed. I remember screaming and destroying the last of the goblins with my magic. There were signs of the fight everywhere. Nearby trees had burned streaks on them, and there were goblin bodies scattered everywhere. Erin had probably ran off like a coward. And Jason-

Jason! Where was he? Why wasn't he with me, holding me, or congratulating me for our victory? I tried to stand, but I fell. A shocking pain erupted from my legs and I yelped.

From my position on the ground, I could see a body on the ground that wasn't a goblin. The gray haze grew darker and my vision tunneled so I could only see him.

I crawled to him, ignoring the pain shooting up my leg each time I moved. Soon I was holding Jason in my arms, brushing his dark hair out his eyes. His skin was could with little warmth and he was pale. Blood was splattered on his forehead and all over his shirt and cloke

I felt tears stream down my face and the few years we had known each other flashed in my mind. I couldn't lose him. Not now. I couldn't imagine a world with him gone.

“Jason Barns!” I yelled at him. “Don't you dare die on me! I need you! You promised you would never leave!”

To my surprise, Jason’s eyes cracked open and he gave a little smile.

“I’m sorry Taylor.” I Could barely hear him. He was bearly breathing.“You know I’m bad at promises.”

“No! Please! Don't say that you idiot! Hold on for me Jason!” I took his hand and pulled him closer to me.

His blue eyes sparkled. “I love you. Thank you for everything. I'll miss you.” Jason closed his eyes and let out a shaky final breath.

The rain was falling harder around us and mud spattered onto us with each raindrop, but I completely ignored it. The only cold I could feel was Jason’s hand in mine and the sliver of ice that seemed to be stabbing my heart.

“No! No! Come back! I need you! Please! For once in your life listen to me!”

I sat there crying for hours, holding my dead companion in the middle of a forest, covered in mud, and with no hope or dreams of the future.

All I wanted was revenge. I was going to kill Erin Krasto. I had always hated her, but now the hate I had for her was multiplied. I was going to find her and make her pay. Even if it was the last thing I did.

Author Notes: I am planing to write more of this, but at the monument I'm kinda stuck. This scene will be somewhere in the middle of the story. I just can't come up with the beginning. (This happens to me a lot) I've been thinking about making this the beginning of the story. What do you think? Please tell me things I need to improve on! Thank you for reading this!

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Dari Poulson
About This Story
4 Jan, 2019
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2 mins
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