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By Junomadisson1717

Edwin has somewhat people called weird combination of personality. He has a very bad anger management issue so he could easily snap out when people just simply tease him. He also known as the quietest boy in the class and his education achievement is somewhat average. He did made friends with kids around the school and he is in good terms with the teachers. Juliet on the other hand, is a bright girl with loud voice. She has the ‘ability’ to make people listen to her and her cool personality that makes people surrounded her naturally. She really cares about people around her, even though she always has that cold look on her face. Her main concern in her life is to become number 1… still, this about to change though.

Edwin and Juliet met for the first time on the first day they attend their Junior High, they even end up in the same class. In the first year, Juliet had always been watching and observing her classmate, Edwin. There is always a different aura surrounds him that makes Juliet even more curious about him. He is so quiet, yet so hot tempered. Weird enough, he even made friends. “HOW, THE HELL, WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO HAPPENED?!!” Juliet always has this one question in her mind every time she saw him. The only word that Juliet ever said to him for the whole year is ‘Hi’

Second year of Junior High:
“Shit, I left my textbook in the home room!” Juliet instantly goes panic.
“Should we go and get it?” ask Lisa. She looks concerned.
Juliet just gave her a smile, “it’s okay, and you can go first. All I got to do is run after all”
Juliet ran as fast as she could.. thank goodness she was in the track team when she was in the elementary school, she thought.
“oh my god!!!” she almost crash on Edwin. Somehow, Edwin just easily avoids her. Their eyes collide.
He look at her for a second before he look away. He walks fast towards the science lab indicating that he’s late for the class.
“Wow, I just realize that he have such a beautiful eyes..” Juliet swooned. The school bell rang, “CRAP, I’M LATE!!!!!”

From that day onwards, little that she knows, Jules had developed a crush on Edwin. One day, their class was chosen for the school performances, no exception from participating. Juliet who had examination in the whole first week during the rehearsing week, had to ditch the rehearsals. As soon as she finished her exam, she rushed to the gym for her first rehearsal. Fortunately enough, she was assigned into the same group as Edwin.
“Are you sure you can cope with us?” suddenly someone asked her. Jules turns around, there he found Edwin.
Juliet looks anxious, “Of course I can! Just teach me the dance steps!”

An hour later,
“Wow, you’re such a fast learner. You finished what we learn in just an hour” Edwin compliments her. He is impressed.
“Damn right, I am!! I’m a genius after all” opposite from her facial expression, Juliet’s heart is thumping so hard.
After that day, they became even closer. They study together, having lunch together, talking about their future and etc. And Juliet even falls for him more and more each day, she realizes her feelings is not just a mere crush, she actually fell in love with him.

After Junior high, they enrolled into the high school. Because of their different results, Juliet had enrolled into the “A” class, while Edwin enters the “B” class. Having the thought that she will have less opportunity to meet Edwin, Juliet had requested for a class transfer. Guess it’s a stupid decision made by a smart girl.
“Why did you do that? You’re such a smarty pants. Why the hell did you request for transfer?” ask Marilyn. She is Juliet’s childhood friend.
“Oh, no more questions, Lynn. For old time sakes, we start our school together, let’s end it together, okay?” said Juliet. Even though, the reason for her the transfer is EDWIN.
“Hey Ed, you miss me??” Juliet approaches him.
Edwin smiles melted Juliet’s heart, “I’m glad you’re here”

On a one fine day, Edwin had received a love letter from a secret admirer. She even gave him present together with her letter. Edwin gave the love letter to Juliet for her to read. That time, they were surrounded by their curious classmates. If she loses her mind that time, Juliet might actually tear the letter into pieces. Thank goodness, she didn’t.

“Who the hell is she? So are you going to accept her?” ask Juliet.
Edwin only looks at her with a straight face, “honestly, I don’t know. Maybe? Maybe not?”
Juliet groans with full of frustration, “Whatever! Do whatever you like. It’s not like I’m jealous over a kid” she walks away.

Lynn, Robert, Scott, Alicia and Izzy approach the now irritated Juliet and surrounded her.
“What the hell was that, Jules?” ask Lynn. There is a weird expression on each one of them.
“What the hell was what? What are you talking about Lynn?” ask Juliet, “What the hell is wrong with all of your faces?”
“Are you jealous just now? About Edwin having a secret admirer?” Marilynn is checking out for Jules’s expression. She is obviously surprised.
“W..What do you mean by that, Lynn? Je.. Jealous? Are.. are you kidding me?” Juliet stuttered. She is blushing.
“Jules.. I had known you for almost 12 years now. Don’t deny it” said Marilyn.
“Even I, who just met you last year, realize that!” said Izzy.
Robert and Scott just nodded. Agree to what Izzy’s saying.
Juliet sighs, “fine.. I do love him. For 3 years now”
“then, go tell him!!!!” said Izzy.
“Yeah, and destroyed our current relationship? I rather died!!!” replies Juliet.

Their every day still went normal until,
“I have a crush on someone” said Edwin. He looks happy.
Despite of her feeling heartbroken and frustrated, she tried to look normal, “Oh really?! Who is she? Do I know her?!!!” she tried to ‘sound’ excited.
“Nope. You did not. Try to figure it out yourself!” he smile cunningly.
Somehow, Juliet did figured out who is Ed’s crush. She is the new transferring student.
‘Why the hell am I so smart?!! I should become a detective when I grow up!’ she thought.

Few weeks later,
“That’s too bad, eh Ed” said Harley. Jules quickly look at him.
‘What is Harley talking about? What’s too bad?’
“What’s up boys? Something interesting happened?” ask Jules.
“It’s about Ed’s crush. She’s going out with someone already” Scott appears out of nowhere.
‘BOO-YAH!!!!’ She screamed inside her head. Then, she looks at her buddy.
She walks towards him wearing a ‘sorry’ expression on her face, “oh what a bummer. Chill out. Ed. Better ones will come to you” she tried to cheer him up.
Edwin just stays quiet, looking all disappointed. His expression somehow had made Juliet wanted to cry for him.

“hey, Lynn. What will you do in order to forget someone?” ask Juliet.
Marilynn put down her pen, “Why so sudden? Are you alright, Jules? Wait I know where this conversation will going, are you planning on giving up on Edwin?!”
Juliet nodded. There is a shocked expression on Lynn’s face.
“Well, I think.. you should tell him how you feel, then we’ll see where is it going next”
“You think so?” Juliet felt doubtful. ‘When will be the good time to tell him then?’
She groans in frustration, “What should I do, Lynn? High school year is almost done. From what we talked about, both he and I will go to attend different college”
“Well.. it’s our final year anyway….” Lynn tries to give her girl friend a hint.
Suddenly Juliet realizes something. She rashly stand up, “It’s decided then, I’ll tell him…..” she have the doubt look on her face again when she look at Lynn, “tomorrow???”
“Good luck” said Lynn.

The next day:
The class is having a self- study group, preparing for the upcoming exam. They sat on the long tables in the cafeteria.
“Hey, Ed. Do you have time after today’s exam? I have something to talk about” said Jules softly. Tons of eyes suddenly look at them. Why would it so surprising? Everyone in the class knows Jules feelings for Edwin… well except for Edwin himself.
Edwin paused from his writing, “Yeah, sure”
Robert wrote something on the paper and shows it to Jules. “Are you going to tell him?” he wrote.

“You’re not going to eat?!” ask Edwin. He opens the packaging of his snack and starting to eat, “So, what do you want to talk about?”
Juliet who sat in front of him looks very nervous. She looks at her classmates table, looking excitedly at both of them.
‘shit, they’re even makes me more nervous!’ Jules look at the eating Edwin.
“Ah.. okay. You know how much I hate it to talk using confusing sentences. So… here it goes” Jules inhales deeply, “I love you, Edwin. Ever since, we’re in Junior high. I love you for so long as I could remember”
Edwin freeze. He looks speechless.
“But, I want us to stay as we are. I’m telling you this is because I wanted to tell you this. Not because I want to bring our relationship to the ‘next level’” said Juliet nervously.
‘Say something, damn it!’
“Oh.. wh.. why didn’t you tell me earlier? I did think that you have some kind of feeling for me, but I didn’t notice that I was right……. Bla bla bla” Juliet could not hear anything anymore as she realize that everything he said does not answer the question in her mind.
“I’m hungry. I’m going to find some food. You can leave if you want to” she tries to look calm, even though she could hardly stand up. Her knees are shaking so much. She quickly walks towards the food counter.
“How was it?” Alicia appears next to her.
“Disaster..” Juliet pulled out her money to pay for her food. Alicia could see Juliet is trembling so badly.
It is very rare to see the high of confidence Juliet shaking that bad.
“Where is he?” ask Juliet. Alicia looks at the tables for Edwin.
“He left already. Hey, calm down” Alicia pat her friend’s back.
Juliet and Alicia are walking towards their class’s table.
Juliet takes a sit. She sighs.
“What’s the matter, Jules? Are you alright?” ask Lynn. She’s definitely look worried.
Juliet sighs again, “From today onwards, I’ll try to become a better friend for him. I’ll stand by his side if he needs me and I’ll protect him at all cost, because he’s dear to me and always be. That’s my oath”
“We will cheer for you. No matter what will happen, we will always going to support you” she smiles.
“Thank you, Lynn” Juliet put her head on Lynn’s shoulder and grip Alicia’s hand so tightly, trying to summon some strength from them.
“What is going to happen next??” Juliet mutters.

2 years later;
“Hey Lynn.. I still can’t get over him”
“Him? You mean, Edwin”
Juliet nodded, “He even has a girlfriend now, happily in relationship, like he always wanted. And, I’m still here, having him in my mind. It’s really annoying. We’re not like we used to. He used to tell me everything and now, I found out that he’s having a girlfriend from someone else. He is supposed to be my close friend. I did told him I want our relationship stay as we used to”
“Maybe, he’s just feeling awkward?” assume Lynn.
“Ah, who knows? It’s just unfair when I keep trying to make things better between us; he just seems to ignore it. It seems like he’s avoiding me at all cost! Ahh, I missed my old Edwin”
“Forget him, Jules. There are so many fishes in the sea”
“You’re right, Lynn. But, with him with that attitude, how can I ‘stay’ by his side? He’s not giving me any chance at all. It’s not like I want to ruin his current relationship. I’m not that kind of bitch”
“You are you, Jules. You’ll figure it out no matter how difficult it could be. You’ll be over him before you know it”
Juliet chuckles, “Yeah, I definitely will get over him” she said it out with full of confidence.
‘But when will it happen?’

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