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Where Am I?
Where Am I?

Where Am I?


Ah, waking up in the

dead of night, ah, crying

for hours on end, AH, letting

go of my life and pressing the

pedal until the speedometer reaches

120 and I crash through that metal railing

into the trees that tower over my head

but now impale me with their massive

spiky heads!

What is happening?

Oh my God, what is happening?

I’m drowning,

I’m screaming,

I’m choking,

I’m burning,

I’m smiling a bloody smile

as I watch the ones I lost

claw at my chest with huge,

bloody talons.

I’m popping the cork again,

pouring my emotions into a

shot glass and drinking it again.

Where am I?

I’m in hell,

I’m in heaven,

I’m in limbo,

I’m in a field,

blood seeping into the ground

from the scars they’ve left.

What am I?

I’m shattered,

I’m Dante,

I’m Archi,

I’m Sergei,


Am I good?

Am I bad?

Throw me against the wall,

tear me limb from limb and

put me back together, darling,

because guess what?

You are not real, yet you are!

I am still here, motherfucker,

and you are not!

So what does that say?

Am I falling apart?

I am not in pain,

yet I am!

Am I insane,

or just so used to

this feeling of emptiness

and heartbreak?

Am I falling or flying?

Are the voices in my head real?

Where am I?

What am I?

Am I Dante?

Am I Archi?

Am I Sergei?

Or am I Hendrix?

I’m not anybody…

I’m just tired,

I’m just alone…

I think I’m gonna lie down,

in my proverbial corner,

with my proverbial bottle of bourbon,

and cry, and cry, and cry…

Dig out my heart with a fork,

pin me down, because guess what?

I’ll just laugh through my tears,

because I’m FUCKING READY.

Are you?

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9 Dec, 2019
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1 min
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