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Where Are You Now?
Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now?

IsLoveAnIllusion-- The Huntress --
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“You were the shadow to my light. Did you feel us? Another star, you fade away…”

The evening breeze weaved and spun my strawberry blonde hair into an everflowing waterfall as I stood on the rocks that had once been my favourite place in the world. I stared out into the ocean and sighed. All those years still hurts.

“Where are you now? Was it all in my fantasy? Where are you now? Were you only imaginary?”

His smile, his voice, his love… was all like a memory of yesterday, so near, yet so far away… Tears slid down my olive cheeks, this is the last place where I have seen him, and will ever see him again.

“Where are you now? Atlantis, under the sea, under the sea…”

I gave a bittersweet chuckle, that is probably where he is now. A warm light shone from the crashing waves, luring me towards the sea, to see him, to feel him, for one last time...

“Where are you now? Another dream. The monster's running wild inside of me…”

No, that is how I lose him to the changing tides, the wild currents. I couldn’t, he told me not to… My knees gave way, and I sank to my knees. I opened my mouth and sang along to the orchestra of waves and wind, along with the voices of the sea, weakly harmonizing with me.

“These shallow waters never met what I needed. I'm letting go, a deeper dive. Eternal silence of the sea, I'm breathing, alive…”

The sight of his last wave, last kiss, last goodbye… It’s too much. I extended my hand, drawing the currents to me, telling them to take me to my love. My voice captivated the ocean and it came rushing to me…

Finally, I can see my darling, even if I have to die… I’ll do it. I felt my legs started to foam, I am fading into the essence of the ocean. I knew the consequences, but for my love, I’ll do anything… Seafoam surrounded me, enveloping me in their calm warmth.

I closed my eyes and sang one last note, for now, and forevermore.

“ I'm faded…”

Author Notes: Inspired by the comic on webtoon called "Siren's Lament", and I think that's all I need to say. Comment and rate! Until next time, Au revoir!

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-- The Huntress --
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16 Mar, 2019
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