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Where Did It Go Wrong?
Where Did It Go Wrong?

Where Did It Go Wrong?


You're not the same anymore,

I'm trying not to overreact,

But it's hard,

You see because all those years ago,

Something in my heart tore,

And it's never been the same,

My soul is still sore,

I want you to say you care,

Because I know I do now,

But you no longer seem

To want to be a pair,

And I'm trying hard to figure it out,

But you're not making it easy,

It's like you've pulled away,

And I can't figure it out,

Why you changed that day,

Was it something I said?

Did I not seem to care enough?

Or did I care too much?

I keep saying I don't want to care,

So that I don't get hurt again,

And I know you won't say anything,

You wouldn't dare,

I can't tell if you're a coward,

Or a liar,

But for some reason I hope

It's just fear,

Because if you didn't feel anything,

I would be in the same exact position again,

And I knew this would happen,

Let you say those sweet things,

Let you grow distant,

I just don't know when it went wrong,

Did I care too soon?

Or did I take too long?

I feel like I'm scrambling for answers,

But I can't see,

And I'm struggling,

Struggling to see

What your true feelings are for me

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About This Story
1 Jul, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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