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Where Did the Day Go?
Where Did the Day Go?

Where Did the Day Go?

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It’s nearing the mid-night hour and I’m treading water the best I can. I’m tired and alone in a sea that has gone from calm to angry and the DAY from light to dark. The huge waves are relentless and unforgiving as they take my breath away. I no longer have anyone to hang on to and I am struggling. I’m not sure how long I can last and for the first time I realize that I’m in real trouble. What happened to the day? Where did everyone go?

It wasn’t always like this . . . earlier in the DAY the blue seas were calm and I was sailing along with those that were close to me and those that I met along the way. The sun was shining with a warm breeze blowing and we were all together enjoying the DAY. And life was good. By mid DAY the waves came, gentle and fun at first but they grew larger, more ominous and kept on coming. Later in the DAY the sun began to give way to the clouds and the gentle breeze turned to a stiff wind. Something was happening. But I was still strong and just rode the waves out with the comfort of others around me. Life was still good.

But now, the sun is going down, the clouds are growing darker and my DAY appears to be coming to an end. I suddenly realize that I am alone, floating in this dark angry sea of awe. In the distance and dim light I can just barely see the others now. They seem to be effortlessly riding the waves and enjoying the sunset and what’s left of their DAY. I can actually hear them talking, laughing and singing. I shout into the wind but they can’t hear me. I struggle to wave but they can’t see me as I drift further away.

It’s nearing the mid-night hour and I’m treading water the best I can . . .

I am alone.

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7 Mar, 2017
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