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Where Did You Go?
Where Did You Go?
This story has some quality issues

Where Did You Go?


January 1999,

A little boy was born and his name was Thomas. Thomas was a good little boy who had lived in a small village with some kids but more adults. Later on in that year another boy was born and his name was Joe. When Joe and Thomas turned 8 they understood more and could walk,talk,and play they loved to mostly play in the woods near their homes. One afternoon they asked their parents if they could go out and play their parents said yes. The mom cooked while Tomas went out to play and Joe's parents only warmed up food by the fire.


"Yes Joe"

"Did your parents say you could play"


"Ok lets go then"

The boys played for about an hour then they went home to go eat.Their families called for them and they started running torwards their own houses.Thomas trips in a big hole and he calls for his mom telling her to come out side quickly.But Joe made it home safley and ate dinner with his family. Soon after Joe made it inside Thomas's mom came out searching for him.

"Thomas!" his mother calls

"Where are you!"


"Im over here by the barn"

"Ok im coming!"

"Im here"

"Down here ma"

"Ohh dear Thomas"

"Is my foot broken?"

"No but very bruised"

"Ok lets take you inside"

"Ok mom"

Later after Thomas and Joe ate they talked on the phone.


"Thomas are you there?"

"Ya sorry i had to do something"

"It's ok"


"Do you wanna go back and play in the woods?"

"ya sure lets go ask our parents"



"Can you go?"

"Ya only for a little bit though"

"Ok meet me outside"


After they hung up the phone they both went outside to play some more.

"Ok lets go play in the woods"


After they played for another hour they were ready to go inside.

"Lets go back to our own house's it's been an hour"

"Ya lets go"

Just then a big shadow covered them.

Hello little children" a man said in a deep voice

"H....H...Hi Su....Su....Sir"

"Where are you two going?"


"Well you can't"

"Why not?"

"Because you have to stay with me"


"Down this path"

"One of you go that wat and the other come with me down the other way"

"I'll go the other way"Joe said in a scared voice

"Ok"Said the man

"Other little boy you come with me"

"Ok"Thomas said in a scared voice

"Where is Joe going"

"To a different set of woods"


"Little boy you stay with me!"




Thomas starts to run but he wasn't fast enough.



"please im only a kid"

"I don't care"



Thomas screams.


Then he starts to cry.

"please let me go"


"Momma if you can hear me I love you"

"Kid your momma can't hear you so be quiet"

Later Joe made it home and got Thomas's parents they ran and ran like if there was no tomorrow. Then Joe got his parents and they hugged him and ran with Thomas's parents to find Thomas.

Author Notes: Thank you for reading my story i will make the other part September 5th.Be sure to read more.


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4 Sep, 2017
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2 mins
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